Sarah Hatherley


Two short films, a new feature screenplay and a global brand launch.

The last 18 months have seen Sarah Hatherley return to the big screen with passion, purpose and an international focus. At the same time, working in the background to support a local brand Lqd Skin Care for Men realise their own global ambitions.

As a female filmmaker, in an industry riddled with subconscious bias it helps if you are a self starter. Sitting around waiting for the phone to ring was never going to work for Hatherley.

Which is why she is still actively working as a Creative Brand Consultant for a select few clients. Managing projects like the rebranding of Melbourne Girls Grammar.

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Her extraordinary skill set, acquired over a career as an advertising Writer, Director, Creative Director, and Director of Strategy Planning, means that Hatherley is uniquely positioned to provide end to end brand comms solutions.

Sarah has the rare ability to discover the problem, then solve it.

That's a wrap - first block of feature film

Filming has just wrapped on a trailer / proof of concept for her new feature film, Domestic. Shot in and around Warburton, Victoria in the last week of August 2017, the crew were lucky enough to have the perfect cold, foggy conditions the script required. Not all the cast were able to be rugged up against the cold. They  did a stellar job in challenging conditions.


Having created La Verite Films and developed a slate of feature film projects in recent years, Sarah was keen to get shooting again.

So she wrote what was to be an ambitious script for an independently funded short film.

From the coast to the city, to the suburbs and the mountains, it would require meticulous planning to pull off Sarah's vision of a cinematic gem.

And in 2016, she realised the haunting psychological thriller, Lost Soul.

With a script stripped of dialogue, the powerful, unsettling, mesmerisingly beautiful film makes compelling viewing.

Lost Soul had its world premiere at the prestigous Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Barcelona In October. 

Here's the wrap up video.

Lost Soul earned Sarah a prestigious Australian Directors' Guild nomination for Best Direction in a short film. It recently had its first home town screening at St Kilda Film Festival.

The magnificent Tony Rogers, co-creator of the cult TV series 'Wilfred', took time out from his busy schedule to produce Lost Soul with Sarah. Drawing together an extraordinary crew of talented film technicians it was an act of kindness from a generous filmmaker.

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A punchy new video was created by Hatherley to support her new global strategy for the Lqd brand.

The first in a series, it features active guys going through their paces.

The driving soundtrack sets the tempo for Sarah's fast editing, high impact, video.

Launched at London Fashion Week Men's, it will now be rolled out globally.




Synopsis: When an optimistic couple embark on a natural water birth, the birthing plan quickly goes out the window as unexpected complications develop for our new mother. Everyone warned her about home births, but nothing quite prepared her for what she'd have to bear.

With only a 6 week gestation from script to screen, 'The Birth', was delivered just prior to Christmas 2016.

Another bundle of joy.

Written, directed, produced, edited and even with music by Sarah, it was a labour of love.

Again, the indefatigable Tony Rogers produced the film with Sarah, bringing together another talented crew for the two day shoot.

The Birth was selected in the final 16 to premiere at Tropfest, the world's largest short film festival, Feb 17.

Screening Nationally on Channel 11 and globally via Reb Bull TV.

Home births can be a risky business, particularly if your partner is a bloke on a mission.

View the full film here.



Part of the new global campaign, featuring active guys in high intensity situations, this video uses the same driving soundtrack and fast editing style established by Hatherley to show off Lqd's rapidly expanding product range.

Made in Australia , by men for men, Lqd Skin Care is a true home grown success story. In 5 short years, the start up has taken the men's grooming world by storm.


Sarah Hatherley